Dallas College/North Lake Campus ENGL 1302 – Composition 2

Dallas College/North Lake Campus


ENGL 1302 – Composition 2

Essay 1 – Rogerian Argument

Directions, Guidelines, Requirements, & Paper Topic

This paper must adhere to the following requirements:

• Eight-paragraphs ONLY + a Works Cited page:

o 2—introduction paragraphs, no quotes allowed

o 4—body paragraphs, with one quote in each paragraph

o 1—refutation paragraph, no quotes allowed

o 1—conclusion paragraph, no quotes allowed

• Use MLA formatting and rules of citation (Arial 12-point font ONLY; review other rules in The

Norton MLA Handbook)

• Use 4-cited sources from research (all evidence must be cited using MLA Rules and

Guidelines for In-text/Parenthetical Citation see pages 496 – 515 of the textbook: Everything’s

An Argument, with Readings.

Provide only one-piece of evidence/one quote in each body paragraph!

Evidence is

• a direct quote

• paraphrased information/a condensed version of the ideas of an author, usually no more than


• statistics from a credible source

• If you are unsure whether a piece of information or a source is credible, discuss it with me

before using it.

• Underline the thesis statement and placed it as the last sentence of the second introduction

paragraph. If not, I will assume you did not create a thesis and deduct 20-points (see grading

rubric in unit folder).

• Essay must have an original title of your own creation

• No title page allowed; use the MLA formatted, 5-line, required heading

• Must create a Works Cited page (see pages 496 – 515 of the textbook: Everything’s An

Argument, with Readings).


Paper Topic: Has easily accessible porn, via the Internet, lead to the erosion of intimate relationships?


After reading the primary and secondary sources provided, choose a specific avenue on the Internet,

and create an argument “for” its redeeming value or an “argument” against its lack of redeeming


• Wikipedia

• Meta (formally known as FaceBook)

• TikTok

• Instagram

• X (formally known as Twitter)

• OnlyFans

• YouTube

• Google

• the over reliance on Google for researching academic topics

• believing, without further research, what one reads, sees, and hear on the Internet (i. e.:

obscure, unverified websites, YouTube channels, self-published articles, etc.)

This argument/debate must contain a thesis statement in which you

• briefly state four reasons “for” or “against” its value


• briefly state a theory “for” or “against” its value, then in each body paragraph provide a specific

reason that stems from your theory

Finally, provide, in each body paragraph, credible evidence to support the idea(s) in your thesis and

persuade readers to agree with your position in this debate


How to organize The Rogerian Argument


I. 1st Introduction Paragraph

Provide background information on debate topic.

Don’t assume that the audience is as familiar with this subject and debate as the author.

Provide the audience with basic, necessary information to understand this subject.

No quotes allowed in this paragraph.

II. 2nd Introduction Paragraph (moves the audience towards your position in this debate)

Sets the context for your position.

No quotes allowed in this paragraph.

Thesis Statement—underlined last sentence of this paragraph: Precisely and concisely state

the debate and a position.

III. Four Body Paragraphs w/one piece of evidence in each

Topic sentence

Sub-topic sentence

Evidence = quote/example/statistic/case study, etc. (Evidence supports the position being

argued. Without it, an argument/debate does not exist, just an opinion, which is


Critical Analysis = the explanation of “how” and/or “why” this evidence supports your

position—a minimum of three sentences

Transition sentence to next paragraph

IV. Refutation Paragraph – Objections to your position

Positions opposed to the one being argued.

Provide at least 3-reasons against your position.

Create two-concise sentences for each reason, but do not counter-argue these reasons.

No quotes allowed in this paragraph.

Refutation must be presented in a separate paragraph, just before the conclusion paragraph or

immediately after the second introduction paragraph.

V. Conclusion Paragraph

Do not start this paragraph with the phrase “In conclusion.”

It must bring the essay to an end that flows logically and gracefully from the rest of the essay.

No quotes allowed in this paragraph.

Here, you can provide your opinion using first person (“I think; I believe; I know; etc.).


This is the only place where you are allowed to use 1st person voice (i.e.: I, me, my, mine.


Use this list to check-off the following items before you submit the Final Draft of Essay 1 –

Rogerian Argument:

 Did I correctly format my essay?

o header contains last name and page number, ONLY

o heading contains five lines of required information

o margins must be 1-inch: left, right, top, bottom

o font size & type (Arial 12-points ONLY)

o title is centered

o text is left aligned

o paragraph indentation is one tab

o line spacing is double throughout entire paper

o page break at end of essay

o Works Cited page is the last page of essay

 has hanging indentation

 sources are alphabetized

 the URL for web-sources is included

 the date of access is included after the URL info

 Did I use the correct voice in my essay?

o first person is only allowed in the conclusion paragraph

o use third person–objective voice throughout the essay

o never use second person–the indefinite “you”

o never use ambiguous pronouns–first person plural (we, us, our, ours, us as

Americans, etc.)

 Did I edit for grammatical errors?

o faulty syntax: confusing sentence structure; imprecise ideas

o misspelled words

o incorrect word choice: their vs. there, etc.

o run-on sentences/fused sentences

o comma splices

o sentence fragments

 Did I edit for mechanics errors?

o My thesis statement is underlined and the last sentence of the 2nd-introduction


o italicize brand name products, titles of films, books, songs, TV shows, software,

websites, social media sites, etc.

o add the appropriate punctuation where necessary

o every piece of evidence in body paragraphs that needs citation is accurate

o a quote longer than 4-lines, must be set apart from the left margin 1-tab

 Did I correctly organize my body paragraphs?

o each body paragraph has a topic sentence

o there is ONE cited quote in each body paragraph

o the evidence has been explained/analyzed and linked to the position and debate

in my thesis statement

 All of the information in essay, excepted for quoted and paraphrased evidence, are

solely my ideas–I didn’t copy/plagiarize this information from anywhere

 My paper has been created in MSWord and submitted as a “.doc” or “.docx” file ONLY

Use this checklist accordingly. However, you are also held accountable for the “directions,

guidelines, requirements” on the official assignment document, as well as information

provided in lectures, emails, and meetings with me.


MLA 2021 citation is the must.




Write the essay on the basis of the thesis.


My topic is : Has easily accessible porn, via the Internet, lead to the erosion of intimate relationships?


My Thesis: In fact, easily available online pornography has the power to erode intimate relationships along with close bonds and emotional ties between people interfering meetings and conversations.


My Refutation:


i. Some people believe that pornography can be educational to some content that helps them understand human sex.


ii. Critic couples say that pornography helps them explore their fantasies even more to help them build a better relationship.


iii. Some people say that pornography leads to reduction of rapes in many areas f the world since it is a open platform provided for self-satisfaction.


iv. Opponents say that people have different variations of sexual preferences, that may instead enhance the intimacy.


v. Pornography might also be a platform that normalizes sex talks and chats, whereas in many cases people are scared of. Citation direction will be posted in the message dropbox.



Dallas College/North Lake Campus ENGL 1302 – Composition 2

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