Shifting Perceptions: Relationship Dynamics Summary

Summarize two different post seperately.

For each discussion activity, you are responsible for posting a reply to at least two other postings made by your classmates.

Your initial substantive posting should be a thoughtful reflection on at least one aspect of the discussion theme or question posed and can either initiate a line of discussion or be in response to someone else’s posting (i.e., adding your own perspective or additional research to it). Keep in mind that quality is better than quantity and “me too” and “I agree” type postings add little to the conversation. Your postings should demonstrate that you have read and thought about the course material. You are encouraged to reference your course textbook in your postings as well as other relevant outside literature.

Some points to keep in mind:

Be clear and to the point in your postings.

Edit your work. Your posts should be coherent and use proper grammar and spelling.

  • Keep postings to 300-350 words. Quality is better than quantity.
  • Contribute your own thoughts about the material you have read.
  • Support your thoughts by referencing the textbook or other outside literature.
  • Raise additional questions or points of discussion to stimulate further discussion.
  • If you have questions, show that you have already tried to find a solution.
  • Respect the viewpoints of your peers. Ask for clarification if you don’t understand a point. Assume good intentions.
  • Use the proper terminology introduced in the course readings.
  • When using literature in your postings, make sure to provide references in proper APA Style.
  • Show respect and sensitivity to peers’ gender, cultural and linguistic background, political, and religious beliefs.
  • You are strongly encouraged to take the time to review the following documents on writing quality discussion posting and on taking roles in discussions.
  • Taking a role in online discussion.

Taking a Role in Online Discussions Below are some roles that anyone in an online discussion can fulfill in order to help move an online discussion forward in productive ways. See if you can determine what role is required in your online discussion and then write a message that takes on that role. Devil’s Advocate • Takes opposing points of view to those currently under discussion Pollinator • Travels to other groups, reads their postings and summarizes points made in other groups not made in home group. Facilitator • Comments on the groups process (e.g. “Perhaps we should all remember to put a subject line in our messages.”) • Encourages others to participate, • Starts a thread or an idea on the topic, if the discussion lags. Summarizer / Discussion Weaver • Summarizes the discussion for the group at specific intervals in 1 or 2 short paragraphs. Usually summarizes twice per week or if the discussion lags • Reminds others about what has already been discussed. • Asks the group what issues have been concluded and what ones are still to be discussed. • Relates ideas in posted messages to one another. Researcher • Assumes responsibility for looking at what is available on the net, journals etc. and brings ideas back to the group. Responder • Replies to others and builds on the ideas of others. This is a role that everyone in the group must perform for every discussion.

Post -1

The first person who came to mind when considering who I like a lot, to no surprise, is my boyfriend. We’ve been together for two and a half years and over this time I’ve come to know him as someone who makes me laugh, is friendly to strangers and goes out of his way to make sure I’m happy. From the very first time I was acquainted with him, I noticed how friendly he was with everyone. He would seemingly already be friends with someone he had just met for the first time, and so, my first thoughts of him were that he was confident and outgoing.

I saw his seemingly confident actions as meaning that he was a confident person. I, being anxious and shy, wouldn’t be able to interact with someone that way. However, as I got to know him, I learned that those interactions were how he handled his social anxiety. He would rather be in control of the situation rather than simply letting situations occur. So, I based my impression of him on behaviour I perceived to be caused by internal attributions, making him a confident person, when really he was just anxious and reacting to the situation, external attributions (Safdar & Sanderson, 2021, p. 66).

As I have come to know his family better, I have also understood why he does certain things. My boyfriend was homeschooled, something I have concluded resulted in many of his quirks, spending much of his time with family instead of friends. For example, when we had our very first argument, I was disappointed how easily he detached himself from the situation. This left the impression he didn’t care about our relationship. After discussing things with him, I learned that is how he had coped with arguments within his family as it resulted in less tension. So, my original interpretation of him not being who I thought he was, someone cold and distant, were immediately resolved when I knew situational factors that contributed to his actions (Safdar & Sanderson, 2021, p. 77).


Safdar, S. F., Sanderson, C. A., & Sanderson, C. A. (2021). Social psychology. John

Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd.

Post 2

While reading about the errors we make while thinking of others with particular reference to the fundamental attribution error/ correspondence bias, which, according to several authors, is an attribution error common in Western/individualistic societies, I compared this to how the communal lifestyle in most African and Asian cultures impact how we think of attitude and behaviours of others.

One person I deeply respect and admire is my immediate older sister (Precious). We have a five-year age gap, which meant I was used to her watching out and caring for me. However, things changed when she moved to live with an older cousin in a different city for about five years, and I often saw her only on special occasions(Christmas, Easter or when the family had a party). The disagreements and taunts started shortly after she moved back home permanently. Most of those fights were verbal, but some often deteriorated into headbutts. The root of our fights stemmed from my feelings of abandonment by her. I could not control my emotions while she wanted to pick up where we left off. It took time and effort from both of us to rebuild our relationship.

She played a massive role in getting us back on track, and despite my continued meanness towards her, she treated me with love and often made excuses for my actions towards her. Over time, I saw her as the friend she has always been.

Recently, I asked her how she could see beyond my actions, and she said, “I chose to find reasons instead of excuses for your actions, the most important reason being that you would always be my sweet baby sister.” Her understanding that situational factors had a more significant impact on my attitude than personal causes helped mend our bond. She has been my best friend for years, and I can’t imagine my life without her.

My sister is a person of many inspiring qualities. Her empathy, kindness, and remarkable maturity, especially considering we were both in our teenage years when she returned home, are just a few of the traits I deeply admire and respect. Her ability to see beyond my actions and understand the underlying reasons, her unwavering love and support, and her constant presence in my life have shaped me into the person I am today.


Safdar, S. F., Sanderson, C. A., & Sanderson, C. A. (2021). Social psychology. John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd.

Analyse both post and write in 6-7 lines in shorts. both seprtley ,Label as post  as 1 

Shifting Perceptions: Relationship Dynamics Summary

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